DSEAR Area Classification

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The Dangerous Substances and Explosives Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) provide for the first time a specific legal requirement to carry out a hazardous area study and document the conclusions, in the form of zones. The zones categorise the risk of a potentially explosive atmosphere occuring.

Area classification is a process which utilises the more appropriate techniques and provides comprehensive information to our customers of the type and extents of zones that exist within their plant and facilities. This allows our customers to ensure that the correct standard of equipment (with the necessary levels of protection) is installed in the designated zones.

Area classification can be provided for new or existing facilities in accordance with BS EN 60079-10, BS EN 50241-10 and appropriate industry specific codes e.g. Institute of Petroleum IP15, Institute of Gas Engineers IGE SR25 Code etc.

The transitional period ended in July 2006. Existing facilities must have complied by this date.

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